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One of our top priorities at OneBridge Benefits is to improve the overall experience for everyone who offers, manages and relies on health benefits accounts. It’s one of the reasons why we continue to explore new product offerings, like our latest FSA plan.

In order to continue offering a better employer, administrator and participant experience, the entire team at OneBridge seeks constructive feedback from the people who matter most—our clients.

We recently had the opportunity to conduct brief question-and-answer sessions with some of our partners who have already taken advantage of the new HRA and FSA stacking option and learned a lot about how this offering, as well as the entire interaction with the OneBridge customer service team, eases the administrative burden and improves the all-around accessibility to health benefits accounts.

Our first conversation was with Beverly Freeman—the Benefits Program Manager for Chelan County PUD in Washington State. She recently onboarded her employees when the FSA offering became available through OneBridge. She was able to provide us with an interesting perspective on the onboarding process, what end-users are looking for in a benefits package and her overall relationship with OneBridge and our services.

This is what Beverly had to share about her experience partnering with OneBridge Benefits.

How important is it that you now have a single administrative provider for both your HRA VEBA and FSA accounts?

This is something we were extremely interested in providing to our employees… And because of our existing relationship with OneBridge, we didn’t need to go through a full-blown RFP process. You don’t know how important it [HRA/FSA Stacking] is until you actually have it.

Please describe the onboarding process with OneBridge Benefits.

OneBridge setup an online portal, which was identical to our HRA VEBA portal. Our team supplied enrollment data through a secure website, and we were up-and-running. It was so simple. It was so easy.

Describe the differences between the FSA offerings and benefits OneBridge provide compared to your previous provider.

We’re only into this relationship four months, and I haven’t had to touch a thing. You wouldn’t believe the difference, my life is so much easier.

How has OneBridge helped alleviate the administration of your account based health plans?

Having the app and being able to take a picture and uploading instantly is the reason why my life is so much easier.

What is your relationship like with OneBridge?

Having someone to contact is a very big reason our relationship is great. Because I’m on the HRA VEBA trust, I have a relationship with everyone like Nick Knab and Briana Russ. If there are issues, I can call Bri and it will be taken care of in a second.

What has this relationship freed you up to focus on?

This relationship has allowed me to focus on things outside of our FSA offering. I haven’t gotten a single phone call (from our employees) about anything to do with the OneBridge account. Prior to that, and with our previous administrator, I was taking three-to-four calls a week. It’s less stressful, and if there is a problem, I know I’ll have an immediate resolution.

What has the response been from participants? What do they like/dislike about the OneBridge FSA offerings?

People have responded well. Having the portal and login is great. I sent an email out with instructions on how to use it and got lots of great comments. Employees are really pleased. I haven’t heard a thing about any dislikes, which is wonderful.

If you were talking to someone who was considering using OneBridge, what would you say to them?

I can see our cash and how employees are using the card. I can see how employees are filing claims. I have tons of information right at my fingertips, and that’s something I really appreciate.

In summary, Beverly said that OneBridge Benefits provides her with excellence. Excellent customer service, excellent online tools and an excellent onboarding transition from one offering to the next. We look forward to sharing the experiences of other valued partners as well as continuing to explore ways we can offer a better overall health benefits experience.