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As the premier partner for Funded HRA technology and administration, OneBridge Benefits continues to expand its offerings and bring better benefit account management to consultants, employers and participants. And now, OneBridge is able to offer streamlined management services and software for FSAs (flexible savings accounts).

By adding types of accounts such as Health FSA, Limited Health FSA and Dependent Care FSA, OneBridge has developed the industry’s first and only integrated platform for both recordkeeping and claims substantiation for the administration of FSAs.

The FSA product from OneBridge allows employees the opportunity to take home a larger paycheck, reducing their taxable income. Employees can contribute tax-free dollars into their OneBridge account, which can be used throughout the plan year on qualified healthcare expenses or qualified dependent care expenses such as office copays, prescriptions, eyeglasses and more.

The addition of the FSA offering means that TPAs, employers and employees can all enjoy the benefits of the OneBridge proprietary software that previously only serviced HRAs. Now, access to the participant portal is available to participants of the OneBridge FSA offering.

OneBridge Benefits CEO, Nick Knab, is excited what the new FSA product offering means for both employers and employees, “With the ability to stack HRA and FSA accounts, employers can save time and costs while offering a more comprehensive benefit package to their employees the opportunity for more take-home income. And with the OneBridge portal, everyone is more informed with real-time account updates, pending claims and payments.”

Part of the benefit of real-time account information comes in the form of the OneBridge Benefits mobile application. Employees and employers can access account information through the mobile application HRAgo®; available for iOS and Android. And when it comes time to use the FSA to pay for qualified medical expenses, enrollees can swipe a single, “stacked” OneBridge Visa® Benefits Card that includes all benefit accounts administered by OneBridge.

Nick Knab is also excited to see a promise OneBridge made a few years ago come to fruition, “When we started OneBridge, it was only three partners. But we had a solid vision for steady, healthy growth. We’ve met those expectations in terms of the number of our employees and exceeded our launch date for this new FSA product. We’re excited for what the future holds and how we can continue to add to the resurgent technology industry here in Buffalo.”

Administrators of these health benefit accounts, employers offering benefits, and employees looking to for new ways to offset the rising costs of healthcare can now benefit from the expansion of the OneBridge product offering as the company continues to set the industry standard for excellence.