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As co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of OneBridge Benefits, Nick Knab is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the industry-leading health benefit account management software, as well as maintaining the company’s future vision and long-term goals. To sustain and solidify OneBridge’s position as a premier technology and service partner, Nick draws on past experience to help navigate an ever-changing benefit administration landscape.

Nick comes from an accounting and finance background. He began his professional career at one of the “Big 4” accounting firms Ernst & Young, before transitioning to Meritain Health as their Senior Vice President and Controller. The combination of finance and benefits administration helped him develop a clearer picture of the holes existent with health account management, and the opportunities that lied therewith.

The gaps—specifically in terms of software solutions—became increasingly apparent at Meritain Health. This led to a partnership with OneBridge’s Chief Product Officer Ryan Schultz to fill the market’s need for a more seamless solution to account based health plans including HRAs, HSAs and FSAs.

The CEO has helped the company grow from a software development startup to a respected technology partner. It’s been achieved by working closely with clients to ensure they’re maximizing the value and scope of OneBridge’s product and service offerings.

The quick rise of OneBridge Benefits could have led to a change in location. However, the partners each agreed that Buffalo—the community in which they were raised, and wish to raise their families—was the best place to grow. In turn, Nick has taken an active role in the community, serving as the Treasurer for Western New York Heritage—a publication dedicated to researching, documenting, preserving and interpreting the rich heritage of all eight Western New York counties—and aiding in fundraising efforts for Our Lady of Victory Organizations, which provides families with services such as emergency foster care and the Work Appreciation Program.

As OneBridge Benefits continues to grow both in size and capabilities, our CEO continues to collaborate with leadership to determine and drive the company’s strategic plan. Nick’s mission remains to foster client partnerships, provide innovative product solutions, and offer outstanding customer service all while investing in the community.