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HRA Plans for Tomorrow’s Health Savings

HRAs Add Financial Flexibility

A Funded HRA account allows you to pay for a variety of medical-related expenses. You can pay for your prescriptions at the pharmacy, co-pays at the doctor’s office and even retiree insurance premiums all with pre-tax dollars. OneBridge Benefits, through relationships with leading consultants and TPAs, services several different health reimbursement accounts to reduce the administrative burden, increase connectivity and savings, and allow participants the flexibility to cover more out-of-pocket health expenses while keeping more of their paycheck.

Build with HRA Tax Savings

Contributions to your HRA are made tax-free, as are earnings and reimbursements, which can result in over  50% savings in combined taxes for participants and employers. These tax-friendly accounts make Funded HRAs an especially beneficial option for governmental, Taft-Hartley, and other non-profit groups. There is a lot of flexibility in plan design which has resulted in these accounts going by many names but OneBridge can service them all:

Types of HRA Accounts

  • Funded HRA Accounts
  • VEBA Accounts
  • Post-Employment Health Accounts
  • Retirement Health Savings Accounts
  • Active HRA Accounts
  • Defined Contribution HRA Accounts

Employ Better HRA Benefits

Along with the inherent tax savings advantages of a Funded HRA, employers who offer their employees the added option of enrolling in a OneBridge administered HRA, can enjoy quick and easy access to a number of online features including:

  • A robust employer portal with a real-time snapshot of your HRA plan including participant listing, activity by employee, aggregated account balances, investment breakdown, etc.
  • Online and census enrollment
  • Contribution upload features on our employer portal or through SFTP
  • Easily customized plan design features
  • Tailored reporting to address all operational, financial, and regulatory needs
  • The simplicity of offering an HRA and FSA on the smart OneBridge Visa® Benefits Card with a single participant portal experience

Plan to Save More with Your HRA

Employees enrolled in an HRA on the OneBridge platform enjoy a dedicated and knowledgeable administrative and servicing team, as well as an easy-to-use online experience through our portal and mobile application. The OneBridge participant portal includes:

A single sign-on to all benefit accounts administered by OneBridge (both HRA and FSA) with balances.

Real-time claim tracking and fast payment processing.

Views and history of account transactions.

The ability to quickly change information and elect direct deposit.

On-the-go management through the HRAgo® mobile app.

A smart debit card that automatically deducts funds from the appropriate account.

Close the HRA Gap

Widen the reach of your HRA benefits and increase financial flexibility by managing more in less time with OneBridge.

Plan with an HRA