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Employee tax-free contributions for out-of-pocket expenses.

Bundle more benefits and stack greater tax savings with the YourWay FSA.

Ideal for every employer and employee.

The YourWay FSA powered by OneBridge provides employees the opportunity to contribute tax-free dollars into an employer-sponsored FSA account, administered by OneBridge. These funds can be used throughout the plan year on qualified healthcare or dependent care expenses. OneBridge offers several FSA plan options built to connect you to smarter savings. Below are the three primary FSA accounts administered via YourWay.

Health FSA

Covers all eligible medical, dental, prescription, and/or vision expenses, not covered by insurance.

Limited Health FSA

Covers qualifying dental, vision and preventive care expenses and can be used with a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and a Health Savings Account (HSA).

Dependent Care FSA

Covers eligible dependent care services, such as preschool, summer day camp, before or after school programs, childcare, and elder care

More employers prefer YourWay FSAs.

Employers who offer a YourWay FSA benefit through OneBridge gain flexibility, streamline processes, control costs, and can quickly and easily access a number of online portal features including:

  • Real-time snapshots of your FSA plan including participant listing, activity by employee, funding status, pending claims, etc.
  • Individual and census enrollment capabilities.
  • Management of participant status changes, including qualifying life event (QLE) elections.
  • Customized reporting to address all operational, financial, and regulatory needs.
  • The simplicity of offering an FSA and an HRA with a single participant portal experience.

And your employees will love it too!

Online Portal & Mobile App

Use a single sign-on to all benefit accounts administered by OneBridge (both FSA and HRA).

Real-Time Tracking

Track claims in real-time and enjoy fast payment processing.

Participant Management

Change participant demographic information and elect direct deposit.

Integrated Debit Card

Use your FSA funds to pay for qualified medical expenses by swiping your “stacked” smart OneBridge Visa® Benefits Card which automatically withdraws funds from the appropriate account.

Historical Data

Quickly view all past transactions and balances for all your accounts..

Easily Submit Claims

Submit claims through the OneBridge mobile application HRAgo®.

Stacking YourWay leads to higher benefits.

By bringing all benefits management under one roof at OneBridge, all employees and plans are accessed through a single login with employer- and participant-specific dashboards, and supported by ongoing customer care. The results are streamlined admin processes and overwhelmingly positive satisfaction ratings.

Broaden your benefit offering with the YourWay FSA.

If you’re an employer looking for tax-efficient health benefit accounts, the YourWay FSA is a perfect fit. Schedule a meeting with our team to learn more today!

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