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Building stronger benefits for all.

OneBridge Benefits administers tax-free health benefit solutions for organizations across the country backed by first-of-its-kind technology, outstanding customer service, and a commitment to shared values.

Founded on principle.

Our mission is to counter the rising costs of healthcare by educating individuals on the best ways to utilize tax-free dollars to pay and save for out-of-pocket medical expenses.

OneBridge Benefits is dedicated to delivering revolutionary technology, outstanding administrative service, resource-saving solutions, and industry-leading account-based health benefits. With client satisfaction top-of-mind, and the only combined recordkeeping and claims substation platform in-hand, we’ve become the largest Funded HRA administrator in the country.


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What we offer.

YourWay Plans provide healthcare security for every phase of life. Currently, OneBridge administers the following account-based health benefit plans for organizations across the country:


The premier employer-funded, tax-free account employees use to purchase and own the coverage that best fits their needs and the needs of their dependents.

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YourWay HRA

Commonly known as VEBAs, Funded HRAs, or SPPs, the YourWay HRA can be offered as an in-service or post-retirement benefit that saves money now and in the future.

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YourWay FSA

Offered on its own or stacked onto an existing benefit plan, a YourWay FSA offers employees an additional savings vehicle to cover inevitable out-of-pocket health expenses.

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What differentiates us.

Expert administration, technology, and support.

With each YourWay account-based health benefit plan powered by OneBridge, employers and participants have access to additional benefits.

  • Open Investment Architecture 
  • Single, Robust Online Portal & Mobile App for Users
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Online Employer Portals
  • Stacked Debit Card Offering

Our values.

We were founded on collaboration, innovation, and growth. We’ve since refined these founding pillars into five Core Values, which have served as our guiding principles, strengthened the fundamentals of who we are, and shaped us into what we are today — the largest funded HRA administrator in the country. We leverage these values to inform decisions and provide clarity on the types of actions and interactions that contribute to progress and success at all levels — for individuals, colleagues, communities, and customers.

Our commitment to putting these Core Values in motion L.I.F.T.S. us to new heights!

Lifelong Learner

We embrace the journey; we learn, we adjust, we grow, and we become better for it!

Ignite Excellence

We continuously pursue personal and community excellence.

Foster Synergy

We collaborate as one team to produce great results.


We navigate multiple moving parts in a complex environment, making progress and keeping pace to tackle challenges and find solutions that connect to the bigger picture.

Service Beyond Today

We provide an elevated level of care and attention to detail with each action and interaction.

Our culture.

We believe the company culture at OneBridge Benefits is paramount in developing enriched experiences. We are grateful for how our culture has evolved over the past several years. So, see if it is a place where you could picture yourself thriving!

  • We embrace and encourage flexibility, including how, where, and when you do your part at OneBridge Benefits.
  • We are dedicated professionals who know and care about each other like family (and some are).
  • We are community-builders and impact-makers who prioritize giving back to the various charities important to our employees.
  • We have numerous benefits including FREE covered parking for employees based in our downtown office.
  • Our dress is casual; welcoming of comfort that supports your business activities.
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