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Without people executing at a high level and developing innovative software solutions, OneBridge Benefits would not have the ability to offer the industry’s first and only recordkeeping platform that also offers claims substantiation. Our leading benefits management solution is bolstered by the expert vision, experience and know-how of the OneBridge Benefits Director of Technology, Marc Scirri.

Marc is a career software development professional with over 15 years of experience. He has helped build intricate systems for some of Western New York’s largest companies. His early career experiences allowed Marc to solidify a strong understanding of financial technology solutions. He spent several years as a software engineer for Osmose (utilities company) before serving as a Senior Business Consulting Analyst for HSBC (finance).

His financial software foundation worked to his advantage when Marc became the Senior Systems Analyst at Meritain Health, where he worked closely with current OneBridge CEO Nick Knab and VP of Product Development Ryan Schultz. The combination of working in software development and analyzing system functionality in both large finance and healthcare institutions makes Marc an ideal fit as the Director of Technology at OneBridge Benefits. It’s here where he recently helped steer the development of our latest offering—the stacked FSA product.

At OneBridge, Marc’s primary responsibility is overseeing the development of the benefits management software solution. He enhances the functionality of the OneBridge platform to create the best user experience possible. Marc also enhances the strong internal network and infrastructure at OneBridge, and with cybersecurity being of the utmost importance, Marc is always researching new ways to keep employers’ and employees’ valuable information secure.

The outstanding security, systems and software development led by Marc is a result of years of experience, knowledge and communicative collaboration. Collaborating on a daily basis is something Marc strongly believes in. The software development team has a daily standing meeting at OneBridge where Marc encourages all team members to voice any challenges they are facing and to share any newly-acquired knowledge with the team.

In addition to strong communication, and as a science and technology enthusiast, Marc believes in the effectiveness of the scientific method, working problems through thoughtful analysis and experimentation.

When Marc isn’t creating new software functionalities, Marc enjoys spending quality time with his wife and their dogs. You can learn more about what working at OneBridge Benefits means to Marc, both in terms of his day-to-day responsibilities and his passions outside of the office, by watching our team feature video here.