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Reach for Greater Health Savings

Lifespanning Benefits from OneBridge

With an ever-changing healthcare landscape and the rising costs associated with it, healthcare can be a critical component to your overall financial future. A OneBridge administrated benefit plan allows you to use pre-tax dollars to pay for out-of-pocket health-related expenses with the simple swipe of a debit card. From prescriptions and emergency visits to pediatric checkups and eldercare, HRAs and FSAs administered by OneBridge give you the financial flexibility that spans over some of life’s most unexpected healthcare expenses with added security and experienced support.

Your New Benefits Begin Today

If you’ve been made aware of a recent change to your HRA or FSA account, welcome to OneBridge Benefits. We’re here to help you offset the rising costs of healthcare and increase your future financial flexibility. You’re able to enjoy all of the benefits of our participant portal and HRAgo® mobile application, a simple claims submission process, and the smart OneBridge Visa® Benefits Card. Use pre-tax dollars to pay for prescriptions, co-pays and premiums, eye exams, childcare and much more.

Features for Future Health Savings

Participants of a OneBridge administered HRA and FSA account enjoy the benefits and convenience of using OneBridge’s intuitive and user-friendly online and mobile app tools for managing and capitalizing on the tax-saving opportunities offered by these plans.

  • Manage all accounts via a single log-in
  • Receive access to real-time account updates and ongoing customer support
  • Get daily investment updates (HRA only)
  • Submit claims online or via the mobile app
  • Swipe your OneBridge Visa® Benefits Card to use your funds to pay for qualified health-related expenses

You Have Questions — We Have Answers

If you have an FSA or an HRA on the OneBridge platform, you can log into your participant portal, and learn more about your plan or plans. 

Save More Than Money

Take more of your paycheck home with you and plan for the future health of you and your family by using pre-tax dollars to pay for health-related expenses. 

Plan with OneBridge