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As your premier partner for funded HRA and now FSA technology and administration, OneBridge Benefits translates complex business specifications into software features and functionality that enhance the participant experience and eases the administrative burden. This process is expertly driven by Director of Business Systems Analysis, Michelle Andhor.

Just as OneBridge bridges the administration gap, Michelle and the Business Systems Analysis team bridges the gap between client needs and product development. Michelle leads this process and oversees the improvements to the proprietary technology platform and processes at OneBridge while simultaneously directing the software’s overall product development life cycle.

Working closely with VP of Product Development Ryan Schultz, Michelle is constantly interfacing with—and thinking like—the clients of OneBridge to exceed expectations. To do this successfully, Michelle must maintain a thorough understanding of the ever-changing needs of clients, translate them to the Product Development team, interpret business systems requirements and improve design interfaces through quality assurance and testing.

Michelle maintains strong, open lines of communication at OneBridge—both with clients and internal development and systems teams. Her intuitive communication skills stem from her ability to take the seemingly complex and transform it into an easily digestible solution that enhances the participant experience.

But her intuitive communication skills and patience don’t end there. Michelle is also an extremely compassionate dog rescuer. In fact, as a foster dog caretaker, she’s placed almost 40 dogs in homes. And when she’s passionate about a certain interest, Michelle commits 100%, which is made evident by daily 6:00 a.m. trips to her local CrossFit gym. You can learn more about Michelle’s specific expertise, responsibilities and interests outside OneBridge Benefits, as well as the people behind the entire team here.