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Aside from providing an outstanding product with exceptional customer service, one of the main goals at OneBridge Benefits is to promote a positive working environment.

Our culture is built upon mutual respect for one another. We hold people accountable, respect each other’s roles and strive for our collective personal and professional success. We aim to strike the perfect, delicate balance of work and life, allowing the people behind our software product the time and freedom to pursue what they’re passionate about outside our Downtown Buffalo office.

This video describes this work culture and family atmosphere in detail. In it, you’ll be able to meet each OneBridge team member. You’ll learn the roles of every member of our operations, product development, business systems and finance teams. And not only will you learn about their day-to-day responsibilities at OneBridge, but you’ll get to know them as people as they describe their interests and what working at OneBridge allows them to do in their free time.

From foster dog moms and DJs, to sports captains and world travelers, everyone at OneBridge has a passion. Learn about all of our valued employees and how they help deliver the industry-leading benefits account management software.

The video is over 20 minutes long, so we’ve provided some time markers to help you identify sections that may interest you. But of course, we encourage you to watch the entire video so you can officially meet OneBridge Benefits. Because as you’ll see at the end, just like any family, we don’t always agree on everything.

Time Codes:

CEO Nick Knab’s Family Introduction — 01:00

Operations Team Introductions — 02:20

Operations Team’s Passions — 06:38

Product Development and Business Systems Analysis Teams Introductions — 09:53

Product Development and Business Systems Analysis Teams’ Passions — 16:00

Finance Team Introduction — 20:09

Finance Team’s Passions — 22:23

The Wing Question — 24:05