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As VP of Product Development of OneBridge Benefits, Ryan Schultz focuses on software design optimized for performance, functionality and experience, and customized to meet specific client needs. These needs regularly change on a per-client basis, making Ryan’s product development experience and leadership invaluable.

Ryan leads a strong, well-rounded team of developers, analysts and quality assurance specialists in the evaluation of OneBridge’s product offerings. He collaborates with the entire leadership team to chart the overall product landscape and OneBridge vision, which is shaped by client feedback and industry trends.

As a leader, Ryan brings a wealth of experience to OneBridge having been a Senior Systems Analyst himself at Meritain Health, as well as a Senior Auditor at one of the “Big 4” accounting firms, Ernst & Young. These positions honed Ryan’s abilities to identify system and process shortfalls, design efficiencies and implement change in a variety of industries.

Having taken these experiences to OneBridge as one of its principal founders, Ryan mentors the team as he consistently challenges them to acquire new skill sets and push the status quo. These challenges ensure all critical steps in OneBridge’s software development life cycle are executed, resulting in added value for OneBridge clients. As OneBridge looks to provide innovative software solutions for its growing client base, Ryan continues to collaborate with members of leadership, including CEO Nick Knab, to determine new product opportunities—meant to ease the workload of consultants, TPAs and employers, while improving the participant experience.