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HRA & FSA Management Services

Building Stronger Benefits Packages

OneBridge Benefits offers its proprietary software, HRA and FSA products, and in-house administration services to bridge the traditional gaps associated with the management of HRA and FSA account plans.

Plan Portals

OneBridge delivers a highly customizable benefit account administration platform that seamlessly connects the functionality of traditional recordkeeping and claims substantiation systems to provide an exceptional, easy-to-use online participant experience. Gain a complete view of all accounts with secure, cloud-based daily recordkeeping and a single login. Our platform can be customized to the unique features of your plans with open architecture investment options, custom branded portals and tailored print and email communication. Plus, it’s easily scalable to fit any number and variety of plans, saving time and development costs.

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Manage Anything from Anywhere

Our HRAgo® mobile application empowers you with real-time access to all of your benefit accounts with the same login as the desktop portal. With an intuitive user experience, you can manage funds, view all of your account transactions and balances, submit and track claims, quickly edit profile information, receive account updates through emails and push notifications and much more. 

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Reach Across All Accounts

Through valued relationships with leading benefit consultants, as well as a standalone partner, OneBridge is positioned to service any and all of the following HRA and FSA plans:

Types of HRAs
  • Funded HRA Accounts
  • VEBA Accounts
  • Post-Employment Health Accounts
  • Retirement Health Savings Accounts
  • Active HRA Accounts
  • Defined Contribution HRA Accounts
Types of FSAs
  • Health FSA Accounts
  • Limited Health FSA Accounts
  • Dependent Care FSA Accounts

A TPA You Can Benefit From

In addition to offering a range of HRA and FSA accounts and the software to manage those accounts, OneBridge can provide full administration services. By tapping OneBridge as your trusted third-party administrator (TPA), you instantly simplify even the most complex benefit administration tasks at a more attractive cost. When considering a TPA to trust, you can look to OneBridge for your benefit.

Take Advantage of More

Alongside our robust technology platform, OneBridge provides, at your request, the following additional administrative services:

  • Integrated Customer Service
  • Eligibility & Enrollment Management
  • Claims Substantiation
  • Print & Email Fulfillment
  • Debit Card Management

Use Our Services for Your Benefit

Leverage our proprietary HRA and FSA software and administration team and make OneBridge Benefits your premier technology and servicing partner.

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