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As announced in a recent press release, OneBridge Benefits is now in the unique position to offer our existing Funded HRA clients, new partner consultants and administrators the added benefits of a single, “stacked” benefits account. Stacking your existing Funded HRA and the new OneBridge FSA, benefits participants, administrators and employers alike, leading to a more well-rounded end-user experience, cost savings and streamlined processes.

The addition of the FSA to the OneBridge Benefits suite of account administration offerings leads to more:

  • Convenience
  • Efficiency
  • Cost Savings
  • Flexibility
  • Access

As an employer, you want to provide your valuable employees with valuable benefits—without the time and costs associated with account administration. OneBridge Benefits makes it easier with not only our proprietary software platform but by consolidating employees’ HRA and FSA accounts into a single, “stacked” debit card.

The OneBridge debit card allows your employees the flexibility to securely and immediately pay for all qualified health and dependent care expenses, including copays and prescriptions. This streamlined process encourages employee participation while easing or even eliminating the reimbursement process. Employers can also benefit from additional tax savings when offering a FSA plan.

Employer Benefits:

  • Administration Cost Benefits
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction and Participation
  • Additional Tax Savings

Regardless of your plan design or enrollment needs, our proprietary software is designed and built with customer flexibility in mind. You can easily add a FSA offering to your plan without the need for additional development time. And through our consultant partners, OneBridge offers a variety of Funded HRAs and FSAs, all of which can easily be stacked and consolidated into a single offering for participants.

Types of HRAs:

  • Funded HRA Accounts
  • VEBA Accounts
  • Retirement Health Accounts
  • Retirement Health Savings Accounts
  • Active HRA Accounts
  • Defined Contribution HRA Accounts

Types of FSAs:

  • Health FSA Accounts
  • Limited Health FSA Accounts
  • Dependent Care FSA Accounts

As for employees, OneBridge continues to deliver outstanding customer service and intuitive software solutions, including our mobile app HRAgo® (available for iPhones and Androids), where participants can easily access and view all transactions and quickly submit any required supporting documentation.

If an employee opts to add a FSA to their existing benefits portfolio, there’s no need to track funds through a new provider or add a new card to their wallet. Everything is managed under the OneBridge umbrella, including funds on the “stacked” debit card.

Employee Benefits:

  • Unrivaled Convenience and Ease-of-Use
  • Maximized Benefits
  • On-Demand, Real-Time Access to Transactions and Balances

The debit card offers benefits beyond the simple swipe at a pharmacy or doctor’s office. When a participant uses their OneBridge debit card to pay for a medical expense, it intelligently applies the expense against the appropriate benefit account (Funded HRA or FSA) to provide the maximum overall benefit to the participant.

When it comes to health accounts benefits, OneBridge continues to stack the benefits—streamlining operational processes, reducing administration costs and providing a better overall experience. Whether you’re an employer, administrator or participant, OneBridge connects you to one, consolidated solution.