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One of the many advantages of entrusting your Funded HRA administration to OneBridge Benefits is their debit card offering and the unique features that come along with it. In an earlier Insights post, we detailed the claims features of the OneBridge software and how its paperless workflow streamlined processing and substantiation. The debit card feature enhances the experience for participants and saves time and costs for administrators with auto-substantiation.


Once onboarded to the proprietary software of OneBridge Benefits, administrators and their participants can enjoy the added value of auto-substantiation. In fact, approximately 80% of debit card expenses processed on the OneBridge platform are auto-substantiated, meaning no one is required to submit additional documentation to support the expense. And for expense transactions that do require additional documentation, participants can simply take a photo and upload the image using the HRAgo mobile application.

Keeping HRA Funds Invested

Most platforms that service invested health accounts and allow the use of a debit card feature require participants to hold a portion of their account balance in cash. With the OneBridge platform, your account balance always remains 100% invested allowing you to get the most out of your benefit plan. Simply swipe your card and OneBridge handles the rest.

Complete Real-Time Transparency

Keeping track of debit card balances is made easy for participants through the OneBridge software platform. Participants have a clear view of their available debit card balance and all transactions from the moment of the swipe through to settlement and substantiation. If supporting documentation is required, you will be notified by e-mail or push notification. No more guessing!