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Knowing that your benefits are easily managed, claims are quickly processed and your health accounts are looked after are just a few of the many benefits a partnership with OneBridge offers. But what you don’t see is all the precautions and preventative measures our technology team takes to ensure that your data and funds are kept safe and secured. And ensuring that kind of safety takes several technologies and specialists to manage. From keeping internal computers free of viruses to multiple levels of data encryption, you can rest assured that OneBridge Benefits keeps your information safe. Learn about all the IT security benefits at OneBridge.

Limited Server Exposure

OneBridge Benefits servers are kept secure behind firewalls with limited exposure to only those entities that require access for normal business operations. Essentially, if you don’t need to access server information, you can’t.

Virus Protection

Chances are you’ve had a computer be infected with at least one serious virus, so you know how damaging it can be. This is why we take extra care and equip all workstations and servers with malware protection to ensure viruses are unable to install on all OneBridge devices.

Vulnerability Management

Just because we set layers of security up does not mean we stop improving. OneBridge utilizes vulnerability scanning tools and reports to identify potential points of weakness in our network before they ever become a security risk. Items identified are remedied in order of severity and risk potential with scans executed twice per week and reviewed by multiple members of the OneBridge security team.

Next-Generation Firewall

The OneBridge network is protected by a next-generation firewall appliance which provides added protection by identifying potentially malicious traffic and blocking it before it can enter the network. This device includes a host of intrusion prevention and intrusion detection features to block potential threats, identify suspicious activity and record logs on all activity.

Personal Device Network Segregation

We trust all of our employees, which is why we would never remove their phones or personal devices from them during the day. However, you can rest assured that our personal devices are unable to access valuable benefits information. All personal mobile devices are connected to a segment of the OneBridge wireless network which only has access to the Internet. This prevents personal devices from being able to connect to the network and access internal resources.

Secure Communications

All communications involving OneBridge data are done through secure channels, ensuring data safety through HTTPS and SFTP protocols. Along with ensuring that all OneBridge connections are kept secure, email communication security is maintained through a combination of secured channels and email encryption.

Encrypted Hard Drives

In the unfortunate event of a robbery or lost device, no one can access information. All OneBridge laptops are equipped with hard drive encryption to ensure that information is kept safe in the event that a laptop is lost or stolen.

Data Encryption

Data within the OneBridge system is encrypted at the database level as well as the storage level, creating several layers of protection for our participants’ data.

Limited Access

OneBridge prides itself on the organization and streamlining of processes. And part of streamlining a process is limiting access and responsibilities. Access to network resources is limited to only those who require it to perform typical day-to-day responsibilities. All changes to resource access must go through a stringent approval process and is reviewed on a recurring basis.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

OneBridge utilizes Microsoft Azure to host its virtual server farm, which provides the benefit of state-of-the-art facilities, network security and redundancy. Microsoft facilities and infrastructure adhere to multiple regulatory and compliance standards including PCI, SOX, SOC (Type I & II), as well as others.


OneBridge utilizes a security information and event management (SIEM) solution to monitor all activity on our network. This solution provides a single place to see a complete picture of all network activity. The SIEM has the ability to correlate multiple events to determine suspicious activity and generate alarms and immediate notifications. This tool is used by the OneBridge security team to monitor the network from top to bottom.

When it comes to the safety, security and protection of our partners’ valuable information, OneBridge Benefits leaves no stone unturned. Our product development and security teams are continuously researching the latest technologies in an effort to always improve our IT and network security. Because in addition to better benefits management, information security is a part of becoming the premier partner for funded HRA and FSA technology and administration.