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Providing quality benefits to your employees is essential, but rising healthcare costs can make it difficult to balance your budget.

James Marshall, one of the family owners of E&V Energy Company, knows all too well how difficult it can be to balance providing quality benefits with rising healthcare costs. That’s why his company turned to OneBridge Benefits.

E&V Energy was facing a 17% increase in their experience-rated group health benefit offering. To solve this problem, they transitioned from their experienced-rated plans to OneBridge’s YourWay ICHRA, which has been “tremendous” for their team and accounting department.

Before the switch, E&V Energy offered three different choices for their team members’ health insurance. With YourWay ICHRA, their team members have access to 60-70 different choices, which can be filtered down to meet their individual needs. Plus, OneBridge Benefits provides support to E&V Energy’s team members during the selection process, making it easy for them to choose the best option.

Overall, James believes in the product and the benefits it provides to team members. If your organization is struggling with unsustainable rate increases for your group health plan, consider following E&V Energy’s lead and turning to OneBridge Benefits for a solution.

Learn more about how our ICHRA can improve your organization’s benefits here!