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When enrolling in the YourWay ICHRA, OneBridge went above and beyond for all NOCO employees.

NOCO, a multi-regional and 90-year-old energy company based in Buffalo, NY, onboarded the YourWay ICHRA in 2023. A NOCO employee, Erin Kirby, went through the onboarding process firsthand and shares her experiences. Specifically, Erin discusses how the ICHRA transformed her outlook on health coverage and financial well-being.

To begin, Erin started the enrollment process by bringing her specific coverage needs—specifically what prescription and practices she needed to be covered and in-network—to her one-on-one meeting with OneBridge. With this information, she worked with The OneBridge Agency to identify a plan that fit her needs. After honing in on a preferred option, a few lingering questions needed to be answered before officially onboarding a plan, so the team from OneBridge got the answers. They swiftly provided them to her after the initial enrollment session.

With answers in hand, Erin confidently selected the best plan for her and her family. The best part? The YourWay ICHRA lowered Erin’s health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

Post-enrollment, Erin (as well as her coworkers) could call OneBridge directly to have any additional questions answered.

If your organization is considering the YourWay ICHRA to enhance your benefits package, rest easy knowing that your employees will benefit from the transition. Erin’s endorsement speaks volumes about the value this platform brings.

Learn more about how our ICHRA can improve your organization’s benefits here!