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With increased pressure on businesses to provide comprehensive benefits to their employees, coupled with constantly increasing insurance premiums, we learn how and why Mirabito decided to make a change.

Mirabito Energy Products, one of Central New York’s most depended-upon organizations, grappled with the relentless rise in health insurance costs and the burden of escalating employee deductibles. Year after year, the strain on their budget and the impact on employee morale became increasingly untenable. Something had to change.

Turning to OneBridge proved to be a pivotal decision for Mirabito. Our YourWay ICHRA model emerged as a game-changer, designed not only to help them control healthcare costs, but also to empower their employees and streamline administrative processes.

Wendi Bigelow, the Director of HR for Mirabito, highlights how the flexibility and options provided by our ICHRA model helped participants make personalized choices. In doing so, their employees were able to select plans that worked for their unique circumstances, helping them feel valued and supported in a way they hadn’t before.

By leveraging the YourWay ICHRA, Mirabito unlocked additional benefits, such as enhanced employee retention and satisfaction. The alignment of employee needs with organizational goals set a new standard for excellence, showcasing the transformative potential of innovative HR solutions.

Learn more about how our ICHRA can improve your organization’s benefits here!