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We took the opportunity to connect with ICHRA participants from several of the companies we support, aiming to capture their personal stories and learnings through this digital and anonymous survey.

Their responses provided us with invaluable perspectives on the YourWay ICHRA’s impact, and are helping us to continually improve an offering that’s already well-received.

OneBridge 1:1 Support is the #1 Satisfaction Driver Among Employees!

A critical component of the YourWay ICHRA is the exceptional support provided by the OneBridge team. During the Open Enrollment period, the personalized assistance from OneBridge was identified as the key factor driving employee satisfaction.** Employees praised the team’s integrity and helpfulness:

“The OneBridge team was extremely honest, made suggestions, explained things I didn’t understand or even think about! They helped me find a plan that was a great affordable fit.”

This level of support not only simplifies the enrollment process but also ensures that employees feel confident and well-informed about their health insurance choices.

Employees Raved About Their YourWay ICHRA Experience!

The feedback from employees using YourWay ICHRA has been overwhelmingly positive. An impressive 90.2% of participants reported a positive experience during the 2024 Open Enrollment period.** This statistic not only highlights the effectiveness of the ICHRA model but also showcases its ability to meet diverse needs.

“It has been a pleasure using this program! I am still
amazed at the wonderful coverage you are providing me.
Thank you so very much.”

The YourWay ICHRA Delivers Superior Coverage to Meet the Needs of All Families!

When asked to compare their new coverage versus their previously provided group health plans, 55% preferred the YourWay ICHRA—and only 1 out of 10 preferred their previous benefits.**

“It is fantastic! I’m currently under 30 and taking advantage
of the ICHRA model being in a catastrophic plan where I
bank in almost $630 a month into my expense account!”

Hear from Our Partners

The success stories and positive feedback don’t just stop at individual testimonials. Our corporate partners have also shared their experiences, underscoring the transformative impact of YourWay ICHRA on their organizations. We invite you to watch testimonials from existing employer partners to learn more about their experiences.

*SHRM 2023 Employee Benefits Survey
**YourWay 2024 Open Enrollment Employee Survey, Fielded January-February 2024 (n=92)