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Before the YourWay ICHRA, annual health insurance renewals for NOCO were time-consuming, burdensome, and costly. Now, they’re efficient, easy, and budget-friendly.

Gretchen Martin, the Director of HR for NOCO (a 90-year-old energy company based in Buffalo, NY) was looking for a transformative health insurance solution that was controllable, liked by employees, and helped attract talent. She found exactly what she was looking for in the YourWay ICHRA—which she learned about in a brief, 30-minute webinar organized by OneBridge.

After having a call with OneBridge to learn more, Gretchen presented the solution to her peers and leadership team. With their buy-in, NOCO went through an independent analysis process (run by OneBridge) to determine if the ICHRA was a true fit for their organization. The numbers spoke for themselves, clarifying that the employer and employees would save.

Before officially making the switch, OneBridge organized ‘mock-enrollments’ with their employees to give them a clear understanding of the process.

With all the questions asked and specifics set, OneBridge visited every office location throughout New York State to personally guide employees through the seamless onboarding process. During these sessions, employees could tailor their benefit plans to suit their unique needs, extending flexibility to different plans within the same family unit. Hear from a NOCO employee, Erin Kirby, about her experience here!

NOCO’s decision to onboard proved to be pivotal, as it not only streamlined their benefits structure but also played a role in attracting and retaining top-tier talent as they continue to grow. Today, Gretchen wholeheartedly recommends onboarding the YourWay ICHRA to companies everywhere.

Learn more about how our ICHRA can improve your organization’s benefits here!