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Fox Run at Orchard Park’s Accounting Supervisor, Robin Makosy, initially approached OneBridge’s YourWay ICHRA plan with a healthy dose of skepticism.

As someone who was responsible for administering employee benefits, she had many pointed and specific questions about how the plan would work and what benefits it would offer.

However, after seeing the YourWay ICHRA plan in action and completing a cost analysis, Robin quickly realized that the solution worked in her favor, as well as Fox Run’s. The plan not only allowed Fox Run to regain control over their health benefits costs but also gave employees the flexibility to choose a plan that fit their unique needs and the needs of their dependents.

Before implementing the YourWay ICHRA plan, Fox Run was struggling to manage their employee health benefits effectively. The traditional group health plan they had in place was becoming increasingly expensive and was not providing the flexibility that employees needed. As a result, Fox Run began to look for a new solution that would allow them to regain control over their health benefits costs while providing employees with greater choice and flexibility.

Robin’s skepticism was understandable given the importance of employee benefits, but she quickly became an advocate for the YourWay ICHRA plan after seeing its benefits in action. She found the enrollment process easy to use and was impressed by the level of support provided by OneBridge throughout the process.

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