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Before the introduction of OneBridge Benefits’ software solution, claims processing and substantiation for Funded HRAs was cumbersome and time-consuming both for participants and administrators.

The paperless workflow built into the OneBridge platform makes submitting and processing claims a quick and user-friendly experience with simple claim receipt upload features, real-time data views, automatic premium reimbursements, and timely notifications.

Online and Mobile Claims Submissions

The OneBridge platform offers a seamless, easy-to-use online and mobile claims submission process. Development has placed an emphasis on optimizing the user experience by providing a step by step process that is consistent across the portal and mobile applications. Supporting claims documentation can be easily uploaded through the portal or even as a photo from a mobile device.

Recurring Premium Claim Reimbursements

Participants are able to set up recurring premium claim reimbursements through the OneBridge software. These auto-reimbursement payments can be scheduled monthly or quarterly with just initial supporting documentation. These payments are beneficial for any recurring expenses including Medicare premiums and long-term care insurance. Participants are also able to adjust these recurring claim payments at any time in the system.


The OneBridge platform makes processing claims easier for participants, even when there is missing documentation. Prior to this software, if a claim was submitted without all the proper documentation, it would cost time and money to track down and correct such errors. With OneBridge, a participant can easily upload the missing documentation and resubmit the claim.

Claim Status Updates

When a participant logs into the OneBridge software to submit a claim, they’re presented with real-time updates. No one gets left wondering. Claim status updates are available through the portal and mobile app as well as through push notifications and emails.

Administrators’ Benefits

All the benefits made available for participants are also beneficial to administrators. The online and mobile claims submissions, recurring reimbursements, and claim updates means admins can greatly reduce their data entry time, allowing them to focus their efforts on other areas of importance. On top of the reduced processing time, OneBridge’s partners see a significant reduction in participant calls.

Paperless Workflow

Regardless of how a claim is submitted by a participant, it is pushed through a tailored workflow process for the administrator. Administrators do not need to open mail and sort through paperwork to track claims. All paper claim submissions are received and scanned into the OneBridge system on a nightly basis and placed into working queues with portal and mobile claims creating an entirely paperless process for admins.

For Your Benefit

The software and partnership services that OneBridge provides consultants and administrators is focused on providing a better overall experience while saving time and money. By streamlining the claims submission process, and providing real time status updates on reimbursements, OneBridge makes managing health benefits accounts easier for administrators and enhances the overall experience for participants.