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Here at OneBridge Benefits, our product development, customer service and technology teams are constantly seeking, identifying and evaluating ways we can provide more value to our partners and participants. The processing of statements and various daily correspondents was identified as an area of opportunity. We saw ways to streamline the costs associated with outsourcing the printing and fulfillment of these documents as well as the time it took to manage and deliver them to clients. 

As a result, OneBridge is proud to announce a partnership with Shadow-Soft, a business and team focused on modernizing infrastructure and applications with streamlined technology and processes. 

Shadow-Soft worked with our internal team to review, design and develop a scalable Kubernetes platform that now allows OneBridge to print and process hundreds of statements and other correspondence documents in seconds. 

Director of Product Development, Michelle Andhor, who worked closely with Shadow-Soft and OneBridge Solutions Architect, John Jacobi, had a clear vision of adding value, “Our objective was to create a scalable print solution that offered our clients increased flexibility and efficiency, and overall cost savings.” 

Michelle and John, as well as other OneBridge team members, collaborated with the professionals at Shadow-Soft to ensure a timely and beneficial outcome. Ross Beard, Vice President at Shadow-Soft said, “OneBridge is a leader in the HRA market, competing on speed and flexibility. We quickly understood how this project tied to OneBridge’s business objectives. We were ecstatic to hear the successful project reduced statement delivery times from two weeks to within hours. At Shadow-Soft, we strive to understand how our customer’s immediate needs impact their big picture business objectives.”

Now, we can process all statements internally and deliver even more efficiency gains, which can be passed on to participants and partners alike. For example, participants can now receive their statements within hours via our online portal.

OneBridge looks forward to working with our partners in the future to continue building business logic that can be customized to meet specific communication, logistic and technology needs.