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As your premier partner for health benefits accounts technology and administration, OneBridge develops and designs a software platform specific to your account needs. And this starts with understanding the several nuanced differences between Funded HRA, HSA and FSA accounts. Each account has its own specifics in terms eligibility and funding, taxation and account use. These subtle changes are not to be overlooked, and understanding which account best fits your needs is one of the ways OneBridge and its Consultant partners help bridge the benefits gap.

The Differences Between Funded HRA, HSA and FSA Accounts

The proprietary management software of OneBridge Benefits streamlines the administration process for HRAs and FSAs. OneBridge makes the management of these accounts more efficient for employers, administrators and consultants, and enhances the end experience for participants.

For more information on how a partnership with OneBridge can help you with the administration of these types of accounts and more, please contact us.