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There are several advantages to OneBridge’s proprietary benefits management software. One of which is the ability to bulk enroll new participants in their Funded HRA plan creating an error-free and paperless workflow.

Bulk or Batch Enrollment

When using the OneBridge software, admins can clearly see how to enroll multiple new participants at one time. The user experience is intuitive, allowing admins to quickly onboard new enrollees. Using the bulk enrollment functionality of the OneBridge Benefits software reduces errors and increases workflow efficiencies.

Form Uploads

There is an easy-to-use form tool that allows employers or admins to upload CSV or Excel files. Once uploaded, OneBridge’s software instantly checks these files for errors and inconsistencies, immediately providing a detailed report—down to the column and row number in which errors have occurred.

The Benefits

The ability for users to view and resolve any and all errors during the enrollment upload process eliminates the need to call customer service reps, file more paperwork, and waste countless hours of back-and-forth troubleshooting trying to resolve small administrative issues.

Enrollment Tracking

Admins and employers can quickly make edits to batch enrollments and any edits made are automatically updated in the platform and reflected on the employer portal. For plans that have vesting requirements (i.e., time-served eligibility requirements) or are post-separation accounts, employers can reduce labor costs by making real-time changes through the employer portal.

Flexible Plans

Having the ability to quickly add or change account information in bulk is just one of the added value benefits of a partnership with OneBridge. The software is built to be flexible, designed to fit any number of benefit plans. This cuts down on development time and creates an employer-run workflow that is built to specifications.


Leverage the proprietary software of OneBridge Benefits to automate benefits account enrollment. Submit bulk enrollments and contribution reports in real time. Create a paperless workflow that is employer-run and empowered with fewer errors and more efficiencies.