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At our inception, the company founders looked across the landscape of health benefit accounts and saw gaps everywhere. Disconnect between management and participants. Complexities complicating the route from Point A to Point B. Real money washed away in a stream of inefficiency.

So we decided to build a bridge. A secure, elegant, efficient bridge that marks a clear path connecting participants to easier benefit management and protection of their investments. Furthermore, this user-friendly bridge could be crossed by anyone; employees, employers and administrators. When the platform was complete, it needed a name. We had to look no further than the founding principles that launched the endeavor. OneBridge was born.

Next came the logo. It had to feel strong, modern, and call to mind financial expansion. Inspiration was drawn from the most breathtaking cable-stayed bridges around the world, such as the Sunshine Skyway Bridge spanning Tampa Bay, Florida and the Neak Loeung Bridge crossing the Mekong in Cambodia. The mark itself is effortless in its design, seemingly made with one fluid stroke. It symbolizes the tight interconnectivity the OneBridge platform offers its admins and users, and the goals of our founders as they set out to construct a better way to manage health benefit accounts.