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What Is UI and UX?

UI and UX design (or user interface and user experience design) focuses on enhancing the intuitive ease-of-use of software platforms, websites and mobile applications. Because its purpose is to refine user flow and make the end user happy, intelligent UI and UX is critical to a successful business. OneBridge has teams dedicated to designing, testing and implementing the latest in UI/UX to ensure an optimum participant experience.

The OneBridge UX Vision

OneBridge Benefits was founded on a vision of a software platform that bridged the benefit management gap. Our executive team and dedicated developers identified that not only was there a lack of a total technology solution for the administration of health benefit accounts, but the solutions that did exist fell short of the mark with regard to participant experience.

Product Development

The product development team at OneBridge Benefits, led by VP of Product Development Ryan Schultz, not only utilizes the latest trends and applications in UI/UX, but continuously pushes the boundaries to ensure that every participant who interacts with the OneBridge software has the best experience possible. Our intent on building and fine-tuning the software to ensure less end-user training, making administrators more productive and creating a cost-savings with less development maintenance.

Importance of Interface

Every view, screen and button a user sees comprises the overall interface of the OneBridge software. And the placement of each visual element is carefully thought out and tested. The interface should always promote intuitive ease-of-use. And if we find that users are interacting with an interface in unexpected ways, we make adjustments.