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As stated in our most recent Insights post, OneBridge Benefits has been providing HRA and FSA administration and management from a fully distributed state of operations. This was implemented several weeks ago in an effort to strengthen the safety of our communities and employees and reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

We’ve witnessed first-hand the perseverance of our team and its willingness to carry on in the midst of unprecedented social and public health circumstances. With daily conferencing team check-ins, regular partner calls, strong technology backups and communication protocols, we have seen our services remain at the high level of quality and client satisfaction. 

Not only have we maintained our high level of service on behalf of our partners, the overall well-being of our entire team—all across the country—has proven to be as solid as ever. Our commitment to a positive culture has helped us maintain a balanced, healthy and productive work-from-home environment. 

Our collective professional goals are reached on a daily basis. From there, we encourage one another to pursue personal objectives. We remind each other to look at something other than a screen intermittently, get fresh air, take walks, exercise and hydrate, read, listen, cook, laugh and think. All of these things help us in the short-term but will prove to be even more beneficial as we look back on how we overcame one of the most challenging times in world history and relied on one another to make it through even stronger. 

The OneBridge team of analysts, engineers, specialists, representatives and leaders encourages you to treat every unfamiliar opportunity presented as a new chance to find the silver linings from which you can personally benefit. 

This is just one more bridge we cross together. Stay safe. 

If you have questions regarding how the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the recent legislation, have affected your health benefits accounts, we encourage you to head to our COVID-19 Updates page. Here, you’ll find answers to some common questions pertaining to the impact of the CARES Act on your Health FSA and Dependent Care FSA. We’ll be posting regular updates on this as they arise. If you require further assistance, you can always call our customer care line at 888.338.4419.