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What Lifespanning Account Can We Administer For You?

Employers, administrators and employees all seek to counter the rising cost of healthcare. OneBridge Benefits connects you to accounts and software that allow you to reach your health benefits and future financial goals with end-to-end administrative services and a first-of-its-kind technology solution that combines account reimbursement and administration.

The OneBridge HRA

Add financial flexibility by paying for qualified health-related expenses with pre-tax dollars through one of the many OneBridge-administered HRAs.

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The OneBridge FSA

OneBridge offers three unique FSAs, including a Dependent FSA, allowing you to pay for the everyday health-related expenses as well as childcare and eldercare.

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YourWay Product Line

The YourWay product line from OneBridge Benefits provides employers with a full suite of health and wealth benefit options for a more robust and attractive offering.

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Stack an HRA & FSA for Higher, Healthier Savings

Bigger benefits come from bundling. Plan for more health account benefits by stacking an FSA onto your existing HRA. Participants swipe with one debit card. Employers benefit by having a single solution partner. And administrators cut time by controlling everything all in one place. It’s all possible with a stacked OneBridge FSA.

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OneBridge: A TPA to Trust

As your technology partner and third-party administrator (TPA), OneBridge handles everything associated with the ongoing management of health benefit accounts. From Funded HRAs to FSAs, we understand the complexities involved with each account and deliver the customer service and intuitive technology that lessens your administrative burden.

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Offering Top-to-Bottom Services

The OneBridge platform streamlines the management of even the most complex health benefit accounts—Funded HRAs—with full integration. You no longer have to use multiple software solutions with several logins. OneBridge closes the gap with easy to use web portals, mobile applications and a debit card that all communicate together for your benefit.

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Built for Everyone

For Administrators

Manage More in Less Time

Take advantage of OneBridge's efficient and effective administration solution so you can get back to focusing on the next management task at-hand.
For Employers

Provide Your Employees Options

Increase the flexibility of your benefit offerings to the delight of your employees. Leverage all the benefits of the OneBridge employer portal.
For Employees

Plan for Tomorrow’s Health

Use your OneBridge administered HRA or FSA to take more of your paycheck in your pocket and pay for healthcare expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Build Your Bridge to Span a Lifetime

Start connecting to greater savings by cutting your costs and the time it takes to manage health benefit accounts with OneBridge.

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