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Get More Value from Your Funded HRA

Switch to the Funded HRA administrator more employers across the country trust with their benefits. Complete the form below and an onboarding specialist will reach out to give you a tour of our turn-key offering!

Why did I receive a mailer?

If you received a mailer, it’s likely because your organization currently offers a Funded HRA. Depending on where you live, this might also be called a VEBA, Retiree HRA, Health Savings Trust, Retirement Health Savings Plan HRA, or Post-Separation Health Plan.

OneBridge Benefits is committed to providing the optimal version of this offering with a dedicated support team, an all-in-one management application, and a wide variety of flexible benefit plans other administrators simply can’t offer.

Who is OneBridge?

  • 50+ member team in Buffalo, NY
  • $2B in health benefit AUM
  • 1,300+ employer groups across the country
  • 250,000+ participants enrolled
  • Founding member of HRA Council

What’s the catch?

No catch. Our goal is to help you improve your health benefits offering and lessen the administrative burden typically carried by your internal team.

Services that come with your plans and stay with you.

Backed by our first-of-its-kind administration platform, as well as HRA and FSA plan design expertise, OneBridge Benefits powers the YourWay Funded HRA. We handle everything from initial contribution and plan design analysis to ongoing management, compliance, and regulatory reporting, guiding your team every step of the way. 

Benefit Portability

Any unused YourWay HRA/VEBA funds are portable and can be used for future health expenses—providing a lifelong healthcare benefit.

Online Portal & Mobile App

The YourWay HRA comes with the industry’s first and only technology solution that supports recordkeeping and reconciliation for employers, and allows employees to receive real-time claims statuses, view balances, and more!

White-Glove Customer Care

The positive experiences created by our first-of-its-kind technology are complemented by our outstanding YourWay Customer Care specialists who welcome opportunities to guide and inform participants at every turn.

Stackable FSA

OneBridge allows businesses to bundle more benefits by stacking a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) on top of the YourWay HRA plan, thereby increasing tax savings.

Smart Debit Card

YourWay Funded HRA and FSA participants receive a single, stacked debit card that is smart enough to allow participants to conveniently pay for qualified out-of-pocket medical expenses like prescriptions, office copays, and, in some cases, dependent care costs. The best part? 85% of claims are auto-substantiated by our proprietary system.

Zero Cash Requirement

All funds can be invested in mutual funds, while still being readily available to use for healthcare expenses.

What are the steps to onboarding the YourWay Funded HRA?


Schedule a meeting.

We’ll begin by walking you through the platform and introducing you to our team.


Discuss class and contribution options and finalize your Plan Design.

After confirmation of moving forward, we’ll discuss class and contribution options and finalize your Plan Design.


Online Portal & Mobile App

At this stage, you’ll approve and sign all required documents, including an Administrative Services Agreement, HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, Plan Adoption Agreement, and Plan Sponsor Trust Agreement.



We’ll enroll your participants and get them set up with an HRA!

Ideal for every employer and employee.

The YourWay FSA powered by OneBridge provides the opportunity to contribute tax-free dollars into an employer-sponsored FSA account, administered by OneBridge. These funds can be used throughout the plan year on qualified healthcare or dependent care expenses. OneBridge offers several FSA plan options built to connect you to smarter savings. Below are the three primary FSA accounts administered via YourWay.