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Giving school districts a competitive advantage in their benefit offering.

The Challenge

Schools are integral to the communities in which we live and work. With specific struggles unique to the education sector they typically face an uphill climb to acquire, retain and compensate employees with competitive salaries and insurance after retirement.

The Solution

Strengthen your recruitment and retention strategy with the YourWay HRA!

The YourWay Funded HRA is the ideal, tax-efficient way for employers to fund future medical expenses. With many ways to fund these accounts—including sick leave and/or PTO cashouts, lump sum contributions, and in-service contributions—this turn-key solution provides participants with innovative ways to plan, save, and pay for retirement healthcare.

Key Benefits

  • Funds can be used to cover health insurance premiums
  • HRAs are available to all health insurance participants
  • HRAs have no contribution limits
  • Funds can be accessed after retirement at any age

Triple-Tax Savings

  • Tax-free contributions
  • Tax-free investment earnings
  • Tax-free reimbursements
  • Funds are not counted as ordinary income—so they’re are not taxed
  • Funds do not count toward social security eligibility or payments

Maximize your benefit offering with the YourWay HRA.

Schedule a meeting with our team to see how OneBridge can benefit your district!