The Divide

OneBridge offers employees benefits such as online enrollment, daily investment updates, online claim submissions, integrated debit cards and the HRAgo® mobile application.

To have benefit accounts actually work for employees, they need to be empowered with enhanced control and robust security assurances. The software provided by OneBridge not only provides a positive experience for employees and retirees, but the technology provides an avenue through which participants can quickly and easily adjust their accounts to achieve their personal financial goals. We even offer debit cards, eliminating the need for lengthy reimbursement processes.

Our Features for Your Benefit


Web portal and HRAgo® mobile application focusing on the participant experience.

Online Enrollment

Online enrollment process


Real-time account updates


Daily investment updates

Online Submission

Online claim submission with daily processing


Integrated debit cards for easy access to account funds


Multiple claim reimbursement options including direct deposit, reimbursement checks and direct carrier/provider payments

Help Your Employer Participate in a Connected Future