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Creating Workplace Belonging and Community Luncheon

When? Thursday, June 13th, 1pm-3pm

Where? Jazzboline in Amherst, NY

In an era of rapid change, our fundamental need for belonging remains constant. Join us for the Creating Workplace Belonging and Community workshop where we explore the critical importance of fostering a sense of belonging in the workplace and learn actionable strategies to create a culture of connection and community within your organization.

Featuring Sarah Viana from Deliberately You!

Limited spots available. Register today!

Join us and make an impact by creating a workplace where every individual feels valued, supported, and empowered to contribute their best. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to drive positive change within your organization. Reserve your spot today and become a champion of workplace belonging and community.

Key workshop topics.

Belonging is not just a feel-good concept.

Beyond a direct financial saving together we will discover the multitude of benefits that come from fostering a culture of belonging. We’ll delve into compelling statistics that highlight the positive impact of belonging on various aspects of workplace dynamics.

  • Exploring the Research: Understand the science behind belonging and its impact on workplace dynamics.
  • Nurturing a Culture of Connection: Learn practical methods to foster a sense of belonging within teams and across the organization.
  • Taking Action: Recognize the responsibility to prioritize belonging and incorporate it into daily interactions and organizational practices.
All recipients will receive a set of “Tell Me More” starter kits to help put learnings into action at your organization!

Sarah Viana, building on her appreciation for people dynamics and passion for people being equipped to create their best life founded Deliberately You, a consulting and coaching company rooted in Buffalo, New York with a national reach. She is a valued partner to individuals and organizations, renowned for her profound understanding of human interactions and flourishing along with her unwavering commitment to fostering connection, engagement, and growth.

With a robust background spanning over two decades in Human Resources and Organizational Development, Sarah brings a wealth of experience to her craft. As a Certified Professional Coach and Positive Psychology Consultant, she adeptly integrates her diverse skill set to empower individuals and teams to reach their full potential.

Sarah’s approach is marked by authenticity and empathy, underpinned by a genuine desire to see others thrive. Whether guiding individuals on a personal development journey or facilitating team cohesion exercises, her methodology is rooted in nurturing self-awareness, fostering adaptability, growth, and ultimately, a sense of fulfillment and belonging.

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