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OneBridge Benefits offers its proprietary software as a service solution that bridges the traditional gaps associated with the administration and management of HRAs and FSAs.

It Starts
with OneBridge

OneBridge delivers a highly customizable benefit account administration platform that seamlessly bridges the functionality of traditional recordkeeping and claims substantiation systems while providing an exceptional online participant experience.

on the Go

The HRAgo® mobile application from OneBridge empowers participants by providing them with real-time access to all of their benefit accounts administered by OneBridge. With an intuitive user experience, participants can manage funds, view all of their account activities, submit and track claims, modify their profile and receive account updates through emails and push notifications on their phones.

OneBridge Benefits iOS Application OneBridge Benefits Android Application
  • OneBridge Benefits Desktop Application
  • OneBridge Benefits Desktop Application
  • OneBridge Benefits Desktop Application

Along the
Right Track

The OneBridge platform provides a complete view of benefits accounts with secure, cloud-based daily recordkeeping. The platform can be customized to the unique features of your plans while offering open architecture investment options, custom branded portals and tailored print and email communication. Furthermore, our platform is easily scalable to fit any number and variety of plans, which saves time and cost for development.

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