Building A Lasting

The benefits of a partnership with OneBridge go beyond the features and security of our proprietary software platform. Without any pressure from outside investors, we’re able to maneuver quickly and pivot in a direction that sets you up for growth and success. As a partner, we seamlessly integrate with your team to identify your specific needs—and exceed them.

Across all Accounts

Through our relationships with leading benefit consultants, OneBridge is able to service all of the following HRA plans:

  • Funded HRA Accounts
  • VEBA Accounts
  • Retirement Health Accounts
  • Retirement Health Savings Accounts
  • Active HRA Accounts
  • Defined Contribution HRA Accounts

A TPA for Your Benefit

Many clients leverage OneBridge and our trusted partners to provide full administration services. A partnership with OneBridge simplifies complex benefit administration at a much more attractive cost.

A Prepared Provider

Alongside our robust technology platform, OneBridge provides, at your request, the following additional administrative services:

  • Integrated Customer Service
  • Eligibility and Enrollment Management
  • Claims Substantiation
  • Payment Processing and Debit Card Management with Pay & Chase Procedures
  • Debit Card Management with Pay & Chase Procedures
  • Print and Email Fulfillment

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