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Savings Calculator

Consider How You’ll Benefit from an FSA

See how you can stack higher pre-tax savings with a OneBridge Benefits FSA by using the Savings Calculator below. Enter your expected out-of-pocket costs for certain qualified medical-related expenses. Expenditures can include over-the-counter drugs, dependent care costs such as daycare, even corrective eye surgery. After you’ve entered the fields, see how your estimated tax savings can grow in one year when you stack an FSA with OneBridge.

Please note that the IRS currently limits the total Healthcare election limit to $2,850.00 and the Dependent Care election limit to $5,000.00.  As your employer may actually use different limits, please be sure to check with your employer’s benefit representative before finalizing your election amounts.

The OneBridge Savings calculator is intended to be a planning tool and is not meant as tax or investment advice.

FSA Savings Are Within Reach

Calculating how much you can save by stacking a OneBridge FSA is the beginning. Discover the added benefits of managing all your health benefits accounts with one secure login. Plus the added FSA flexibility of a Visa® debit card and mobile app. Plan on saving on health-related expenses today, and put those savings to work for your benefit tomorrow with OneBridge.

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