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Administrator Benefits

Seamlessly Manage All Your Participants

As health benefit offerings continue to shift toward consumer-driven plans, OneBridge offers consultants and TPAs a premier technology solution with optional administration services for the most complex health benefit accounts. OneBridge and our proprietary platform will reduce your administrative burden.

Save Time and Cut Costs

Our proprietary software platform aims to lessen your administrative burden, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business, like growth. As your partner, we understand your concerns regarding the administration of benefit accounts, such as security, efficiency, and providing an exceptional experience. Our platform addresses these concerns and is flexible and scalable enough to be customized to your specific plan needs, eliminating development delays and streamlining onboarding processes.

Features for Your Administration Benefit

Before OneBridge, people administering Funded HRAs were required to use multiple disparate applications to manage all of the requirements of this complex account based plan. Our software and services allow for both recordkeeping AND claims substantiation on the same platform, which significantly increases efficiencies and minimizes risk. We also offer intuitive web portals and our HRAgo® mobile applications (iOS and Android) so employers and participants can track and manage their accounts from anywhere. This platform is also built to be flexible to your plan needs, eliminating the need for added development time. TPAs continue to benefit from these OneBridge features:

  • Flexible plan design 
  • Intuitive web portal and native mobile apps 
  • Smart debit card offering
  • Daily automated recordkeeping
  • Bulk and online enrollment
  • Flexible upload and integration features 
  • Open architecture investment model
  • High first-call resolution customer service 
  • Online & mobile app claims submission 
  • Paperless workflow 
  • Customized fees and fulfillments

Stack the Benefits Higher

OneBridge offers a stand-alone or stackable FSA product for the benefit of TPAs and administrators. Stacking your Funded HRA and FSA benefit plans significantly lessens your administrative burden, reduces the number of phone calls you take, cuts costs, and improves the participant and employer experience. Leverage OneBridge for full administrative services such as enrollment management and claims processing to streamline your operations and increase efficiencies.

Lessen Your Administrative Burden

Seamlessly manage all of your participants in less time so you can plan to spend more time on what’s next.

Increase Control